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You are your child’s first teacher and strongest ally.

Trying to do what is best for your child can be a daunting task, especially when your child has a disability.

The law provides each child with a right to a free and appropriate public education. But what is an appropriate education for your child?  How do you know if your child’s educational needs are being met?

A parent advocate can help steer you through the special education process. Our work is built upon a trusting partnership with parents, and this partnership is vital to effective advocacy. Together, we can ensure that your child receives the education he or she deserves

"The Chatfield Advocacy Group is dedicated to having your voice and the voice of your children be heard!

Whether it be in a school setting or elsewhere, the Chatfield Advocacy Group will fight with you and for you, especially those who have special needs children that aren't receiving the services that they have the right to have provided for them within the school system. Bonita Chatfield is a powerhouse of grace and strength, knowledgeable on not only the verbiage needed to receive the services needed, but has learned through the struggle of the system first hand with her own family and will stop at nothing to help your family as well!"

- Melissa
Winchester, Virginia

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